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Welcome to AgentDuty… the #1 booking system for busy licensed real estate agents who need help with common broker duties.  

Please note that this is a beta version of the AgentDuty platform which is still undergoing final testing before its official release.

AgentDuty connects you with licensed brokers acting as your reliable independent subagent.

Are you an independent broker that simply cannot be in two places at once? Do you have two open houses on the same day and don’t want to share half your commission to get one covered? AgentDuty can instantly connect you with a licensed broker in your area to fulfill whatever duties you need fulfilled for a nominal fee. AgentDuty aims to help real estate agents navigate the ever-evolving real estate market. While real estate agents are continually seeking to improve their business strategies, they can now look to AgentDuty to free up their calendar so that they can focus on generating more business and establishing a more professional brand.

Book a Service Provider with as little as two (2) hours- notice.  All bookings must be with Agents and Providers from the same brokerage firm.

AgentDuty is ultimately aimed at improving the quality of service for real estate agents so that they, in turn, can offer world-class service to their clients.

AgentDuty Opportunities Are Endless


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Need help marketing and branding?

In addition to providing licensed brokers acting as your reliable independent contractors, let AgentDuty enhance your social media presence. Social media is a major focal point in marketing for real estate agents and as such our Instagram for Real Estate Pros makes for an essential addition to any agents marketing plan. 

Our AgentDuty subscription service is managed by our Realtor’s Edition Account where real estate agents have instant access to ready-to-use templates that can help them advertise both their past and present real estate sales and future offerings.  Real estate agents can purchase a monthly subscription for only $25 that will give them access to a variety of real estate templates, and other useful contemporary marketing tools (like our Instagram for Real Estate Pros). Our ready-to-use templates are pre-sized for all social media platforms including: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and will work with your custom newsletters.