Put Your Spare Time to Work with AgentDuty

Real estate is a rewarding career. The flexibility and income potential creates the ability to work and play on your own time table and according to your own goals. Yet with all the advantages there are downsides as well. New agents can find it difficult to gain recognition in the market, agents can have downtime between transactions, networking can be difficult due to the independent nature of real estate. AgentDuty offers a way to stay involved during the slow periods, earn extra money and make valuable connections, all in your spare time.

AgentDuty connects licensed real estate agents with each other in order to provide services. As a service provider, you can offer to hold open houses, show listings and escort buyers, all for a guaranteed fee; no commission splitting, no waiting to close and not dependent on a sale

Top 10 Reasons to Join AgentDuty

  1. Control Your Own Schedule – Work when and where you want.
  2. Choose Your Own Service Areas – Stay local and choose where you work.
  3. Make Extra Income – Forget part time jobs, make extra income by working in real estate.
  4. Gain Career Knowledge and Insight – Every situation is different, by working every day in the industry, you’ll practice your skills and learn more about your market.
  5. Find Help When Your Busy – When schedules get tight, hire someone you can trust to help you hold open houses, wait for home inspectors or do a last minute showing while you’re on vacation.
  6. Network with Local Agents – Meeting other agents, contractors, inspectors and appraisers and build your network of real estate professionals who know and trust you.
  7. Enhance Company Culture – When you’re busy, having someone you can trust to pick up the slack is critical to maintaining your reputation.
  8. Get Hired to Help Internally – Do you have social media, marketing or transaction skills? Put these skills to work.
  9. Automatic Payments – We make getting paid easy.
  10. Be a Modern Real Estate Agent – Successful agents are ahead of the curve. AgentDuty will keep you on the cutting edge of the local real estate market..