Learn the basics behind using AgentDuty Marketing  Instagram for Real Estate Pros tool for real estate agents. Streamline your marketing on social media by adopting one of our ready-to-use templates on Canva. 

The Basics | Marketing Tips

AgentDuty Marketing Instagram Real Estate Templates Subscription

1.  This is what your www.canva.com homepage dashboard will look like after you made your purchase of AgentDuty Marketing Instagram Real Estate Marketing Pos.

2. The left side menu bar will be where the team stream folders will appear.


3. Click team stream folder to view ready-to-use real estate marketing templates.

AgentDuty Marketing Real Estate Marketing Templates

4. Click “Use as template” to start customizing the template. 

AgentDuty Marketing for Real Estate Agents get all the tips here

5. The template will open in a new window. (tip: all templates you use will save in your all design folder on the homepage).

6. This is the menu bar on the left side where you can find other design tools to further customize your layout. 

Upload your own company logo on Canva.com AgentDuty Team Stream

7. Upload your real estate headshot, company logo, property listing, and closing photos. (tip: Ask your company for PNG file type to use, this will allow you to use the logo seamlessly on all your designs. 

AgentDuty Marketing 101 Basic Knowledge (2)

8. Drag and drop your uploaded photo into the frame where you like it to appear and it will automatically upload it instantly.  

Real Estate Marketing Tips for Canva brought to you by AgentDuty.

9. Change the font is as easy!  Click on the text and make edits right on the template. (tip: If your text doesn’t fit in the area, consider downsizing the text size).

Changing the font on AgentDuty Subscription of Canva.com

10. Top menu above the template is where you can change the font, size, color, spacing, and alignment.

11. Download your design in PNG, JPEG, and PDF. The downloaded custom template will appear in your download folder on your computer.  (tip: email the photo to yourself, then go to your phone and download it so you can upload in to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ect).

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