Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

In Search For The Best Real Estate Closing gifts?

If you have an upcoming closing for a real estate transaction. Then you probably want to start thinking about a real estate closing gifts that is tax deductible. According to the Realtor Mag, “The IRS allows you to deduct some of your business gift-giving, but make sure you stay within the legal limits for your deductions. Check out IRS Publication 463 for the guidelines. In general, you are allowed to deduct no more than $25 for business gifts to each person during a tax year.”

Are you wondering how much should a realtor spend on a closing gift? Depending on the client and transaction amount, these two factors can help you determine an appropriate gift for a client. Some real estate brokers on average spend between 1-3% of the amount of the commission amount.

Closing gift can be personalized with your branding or you can choose to buy a gift that is available to purchase now. If you are struggling to come up with some closing gift ideas then check out some of our favorite items found right on! Pay with Amazon checkout.

If you are searching for the best closing gift for a seller or buyer then check out AgentDuty’s top favorites

closing gifts for real estate

Here are our favorite realtor closing gifts ranging from $30 dollars to $500 dollars

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