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Follow the step by step directions to book a real estate subagent for a task, an appointment or to assist with an open house. Booking agents will be required to set up an account upon checking out. 

By creating an’s booking system, you will be able to track all of your bookings. To login and view your profile click on the book me button on the homepage. Then on the left side, click the my profile

You will be able to edit your profile, manage your bookings, view old invoices and logout.

To check booking schedule, click bookings and you will able to see upcoming or past bookings.

Upcoming bookings cannot be edited only canceled. This also mean you cannot update the intake forms forms. Contact the service provider directly if there are new updated details regarding the booked service. 

To cancel an appointment, click on the red X and provide a reason. There is a $5 cancelation fee for appointments canceled less then 2 hours before an appointment.