To become a service provider there are two required steps that need to be completed in order to start accepting bookings. First part is the registration, if you haven’t applied already then click here.

If you have already applied, then it may take 1-3 business days to process your request. If you are approved then you will receive a email notification with your service provider username and password. Login and sync your calendar. Follow the step by step directions in video. Some companies calendar/email accounts won’t sync with 3rd party applications.

All service provider’s profile will be forced offline everyday between 9pm-10pm. Service provider’s will be required to login to go online to display their profile (also shown in the above video).  Service providers can go offline by logging in to switch their statues to offline. The second option is to block out the time on your synced calendar, the changes will automatically appear on

*If a service provider does not go online they will not be able to be booked for the current day or any other day a month away ( only allows bookings 1 month in advance).

Step 1 of 8

After receiving a confirmation with your Servicing Agent username and password (we recommend immediately reseting password). Login to the Service Provider portal to automatically sync your calendar for busy times. 

Step 2 of 8

Go to Custom Features > Calendar Sync

Step 3 of 8

Start your calendar sync by selecting a Gmail or Microsoft Outlook calendar. We have found gmail works better with syncing.

Step 4 of 8

After you select the calendar provider and login, you will be prompt to allow approval of a 3rd party application. This is necessary to your busy times so you don’t get bookings. 

Step 5 of 8

Select the calendar you want to sync. You might only have one but some users have multiple calendar for one email address….

Step 6 of 8

Select your name in the providers list. 

Step 7 of 8

Check the box to sync busy times.

Step 8 0f 8

Hit save and your calendar busy times will be synced.