Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use AgentDuty

One of the best reasons to become a real estate agent is the ability to schedule your own time. From the outside, the idea of scheduling free time whenever one wants it can be very appealing, yet successful agents will tell you that they rarely find extra time at all. In fact, finding the time to accomplish the tasks of their business is their largest challenge. Fortunately, AgentDuty can help. 

AgentDuty offers an easy way to connect you with real estate professionals who can assist with your business without taking a hefty commission split to do it. Agents work on a “per task” basis with reasonable fees and someone is always available to help with showings, open houses and much more. 

Top 10 Reasons to Join AgentDuty

  1. No More One-Man-Show – Never lose an opportunity because you’re too busy to meet with a potential client.
  2. Have a Large Team On Call – Whether you work alone or have a small team of agents already, you’ll always have a team as large as you need on call. Accept every appointment by using our experienced, local, licensed agent to help. 
  3. Never Run Out of Options – Maybe you have an agent who helps out, what if he/she’s busy too? With as little as 2 hours’ notice, you can have an agent ready to help. 
  4. Experienced Local Agents – Find help quickly and efficiently from colleagues you trust.
  5. Book on a Per Task Basis – No more splitting commissions or long-term salaries.
  6. Open House Help – Regardless of how many listings, you can guarantee an open house each weekend for every seller. 
  7. Never Miss an Appointment – Someone is always available to meet a buyer or seller, even if you’re busy or on vacation. 
  8. No More Referrals – You’re never too busy to take on a new client. 
  9. Take a Vacation – Remember vacations? Enjoy your time away knowing your business is being handled and your clients are happy. 
  10. Better Service Your Clients – Your clients will have your time and attention for things that matter to them. Spend time nurturing and negotiating rather than the busywork of real estate. 

Start taking advantage of this helpful real estate tool. You can book an agent and sign up is free or login to complete your booking. 

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