Here are the 8 reasons why being an AgentDuty Service Provider is beneficial!


  1. Control your schedule
  2. Choose your service area
  3. Make extra money
  4. Gain knowledge and insights
  5. Network with other agents in your company and agent community
  6. Get hired to help with office work
  7. Automatic payments (weekly)
  8. Be on the cutting edge of the Gig Economy in way that no one else is!
Get started with AgentDuty! It’s FREE & Easy! You don’t pay until you complete a service booking! AgentDuty charges 20% per a booking to market and maintain online booking calendars.

Choose the MLS area you service.

AgentDuty Connect MLS MAP

If you service an area that is not listed below, please indicate the neighborhood in the “Other Service Area” section below.

Please allow 1-3 days to review and prepare your service account. 

When your account is approved, you will receive a email with login information to sync your calendar. 

Learn how to sync your working calendar, click here.

Not sure if your ready to sign up? Learn all the benefits of becoming an AgentDuty service provider.

See the list of approved service provider’s brokerages.


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